Sunday, October 18, 2009

I know, I'm shocked too :)

Hello again. Its me, back for my yearly post. Its been a really long time since my last update, and I probably should fill you in on all that has happened, but honestly I can't remember. Don't worry, I'm sure you will survive. Its not like you are absolutely DIEING to know every little thing that goes on in my life. If you are, that's a little creepy and slightly stalkerish and I suggest you get some help. :)

Actually, if you did suddenly have a random urge to follow me around, you would most likely die of boredom. My life is like one of those old record thingies that gets scratched and repeats the same thing over. . . and over. . . and over. I wake up, go to school, go to rehearsal (which is probably the only reason I get up in the first place) go to work, go back to sleep, rinse and repeat. Overall an extremely uneventful life. But hey, that what acting is for, right? I get to put on a costume and pretend I have an interesting life for about two hours. :)

Speaking of which, for those of you who don't know, I have recently discovered the Glover child in me and with that a passion for acting. Remember when I complained of being cursed to always be in the audience, observing and wishing to be a part of it all? Well the curse has been lifted :) Since then I plucked up the courage to audition for three more plays and compete in Reagion and State Drama. I think I told you about the first play "Experiments in Ink"(which is really several small plays written by the students) so I won't bore you with all the little details of that one.

Region was held here at San Juan so I not only was I thrown head first into the confusion of my first competition, but I also had to help Miss. B with everything that needed doing. Despite the chaos of the event, I had a lot of fun. Me an my scene partner, Elijah Palmer, took Second place and Region and had straight superiors at State. State is a festival so its not possible to place, but we got a nifty little medal for our efforts :) I would post some pictures, but I don't have any. Grandpa Worthy has some pretty good ones though.

After region I was cast as Helen of Troy in the play "Women of Troy". We never actually got around to performing that one, but I enjoyed being the downfall of an entire nation while it lasted ;)

The next production I was apart of was Shakespearience/ Shakespeare Competition. Shakespearience is something my school does to show the community the scenes and monologues that we take to Competition and the Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City. Here are a few pictures. (I know my mom already posted them, but I haven't posted in so long, you probably gave up on checking my blog anyway)

And last but not least, my latest dramatic adventure will be "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" the musical. I got the part of Marci, who is the little kid with huge glasses who follows Peppermint Pattie around and calls her "sir". I didn't get any solos which isn't really a bad thing. I think the audience wants to keep their ears :) Opening night is Nov. 19 if you wanna come see it.


Kim said...

Yay! You posted. I love your new background, love you're writing, and love you.

Chrislynn said...

I love Charlie Brown! Congratulations, and good luck! I wish we could come.

Nan said...

Wow, I nearly missed this. Something told me I needed to check out your blog again, and there you are, with a new post. I am so glad you posted about your latest production, Charlie Brown. Now I can be sure to put it on my calendar. I feel badly about missing the last couple performances you were in. It is fun for me to have an excuse to get out and get a little culture. See you on the stage in a few weeks!

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